Optimizing the natural resources used in housing construction is the primary goal of a sustainable home. By using wood as a structural basis for its projects because wood-based products consume and store CO2 from the atmosphere when it is created, they are manufactured with minimal energy consumption compared to other building materials and are naturally recyclable at the end of their life. The luxury chalet for sale in France are buildings respecting this principle.

Natural resources

The house built with this system is an ecological house that minimizes the impact on the natural environment. Prefabricated construction reduces construction time and generated waste, enabling actions with minimal impact on the environment. Thus we produce an ecological house based on the use of natural materials.

Energy efficiency is the key to the system. Throughout its useful life, a home is a major source of energy consumption, which must be reduced by working with the right materials and respecting construction details.

Fast and accurate construction

The leading role is that of the architect and the client in the process. The construction is characterized by the completion of the initial phases in a few days. The rapid construction of the building’s volume, its waterproofing and its insulation are essential to the success of the construction of a house.

A good job in the project phase, an experience of forecasting problems and the use of prefabrication techniques guarantee an extraordinary result that will shorten the time for delivery of the house.

The speed is not achievable without precision, a precision of a few millimeters in the constructive elements and assures the technicians and the customer that the result of the construction process will not differ from the projected ideas and dimensions. In the case where only the structure and the envelope of the building are to be realized, the duration of these works will be of a few days. The average construction time of the volume of a detached house of 200 m2 on 2 floors is 5 days.

The prefabricated construction makes it possible to act in the workshop during the construction of the foundations and then to accelerate it thanks to the rapid installation of wooden structures, wooden ceilings, light-frame systems or panels against laminates.

Price quoted and conditions closed

A sustainable house must also be from an economic point of view. This system offers prices closed in advance, to avoid the usual surprises at the end of the project, so common in traditional construction. At the time of signing the contract, the economic amount of the investment will be agreed and closed. Only conscious decisions that our client can make will change the agreed amount. The prefabricated construction system allows clear measurements in advance and a study of details that avoids surprises in the construction process.

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